We Offer Convenient Payment Plan Options

At Econ Dental, we offer the best and most convenient payment plans for your treatments, whether you need braces, dentures, implants, crown implants, veneers, dental bridges, or any other treatment, our payment plans start at only $39 a month. We offer financing for people with either strong or troubled credit scores. At Econ Dental we offer quality dental services at a price you can afford.

Your First Visit at Econ Dental

We are aware that many people who require dental services and/or procedures fail to get them done in a timely manner because they don’t know how much the first visit will cost. Don’t worry, at Econ Dental we understand your concerns, which is why we offer first visits, including an exam, x-rays, and dental cleaning, typically a $300 value offer, for only $49. After the dentist completes your oral exam, he will go over with you, in detail, all the treatments that you would need, in order to obtain outstanding oral health. Additionally, we understand that not everybody cannot afford to get all those treatments and procedures done immediately. If this is your case, don’t worry, at Econ Dental we will create a personalized action plan, in which we explain which treatments are necessary and should be completed first, allowing you to, not only improve your oral health, but also improve how your smile looks aesthetically. Procedures will be listed and completed in order of priority. This allows us, to better work with you, little by little, to help you obtain your goals of having a healthy and beautiful smile.